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Eagle F1 R Tube Type

Product Details

The Eagle F1 R, part of the Road UHP (Ultra High-Performance) range, developed at the highest levels of road cycling, is the go-to tyre for racers and enthusiasts seeking low rolling resistance without compromising balanced wet and dry grip.

Who rides this tyre:

The road athlete serious about performance and cutting edge tech, who demands straight line speed, cornering performance & puncture resistance from one tyre.

Where does this tyre perform best:

The open road. Sweeping bends, brutal climbs, and rapid descents. The ultimate next generation all round Ultra High Performance tyre.

Product Technical Details


It’s race day, months if not years of preparation have brought you here. Like you, the Eagle F1 R has been in development for years. Technology underpins the evolutionary process with 3rd party data confirming leaps forward in performance.

Construction: Tube Type

A clincher tyre that is only functional with an inner tube to maintain inflation pressure as defined by ISO 4223-1.

The historically standard bicycle tyre relies on an inner tube to maintain inflation pressure. The inner tube serves two purposes: maintaining inflation pressure along providing physical pressure on the tyre’s bead against the rim hook and sidewall to help keep it safely in place.

Under-Tread Breaker Belt: R Shield

This is a layer of additional puncture protection located under the tyre’s tread cap. Tyres utilising our R: Shield offers excellent puncture protection while their sidewalls remain supple to ensure high performance.


A proprietary blend of synthetic and natural rubbers enhanced with Graphene and next-generation amorphous spherical Silica; our all-new Dynamic: UHP compound has been developed with the single purpose of expanding the ‘Magic-Triangle’ with improved Rolling Efficiency, Traction and increased Durability.

The combination of Graphene & Amorphous Round Silica allows us to independently improve:

Rolling Efficiency | +15.7%

Grip Centre| +19.0%

Grip Edge | +17%

 % vs. Eagle F1 baseline, data from 3rd party testing

Size and Specifications
Type Compound Technology Colour ETRTO Size Weight
Tube Type Clincher Dynamic: UHP Short Ply, 120tpi Blk or Transparent 25-622 700x25c 205g
Tube Type Clincher Dynamic: UHP Short Ply, 120tpi Blk or Transparent 28-622 700x258c 230g


ROAD – Tubeless Crotchet (TC)or Tubeless Straight Sidewall (TSS) Rim Inner Width Measurement – Millimeters

Tube Type Clincher Tyre Size 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
25-622 | 700×25 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🔵 🟡 🟡 🟡
28-622 | 700×28 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🔵 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡


Allowable Inner Rim Width 🟡

Optimal Inner Rim Width 🔵

All published weights are ±7% Specifications subject to change without notice.
ETRTO guidelines limit maximum tyre pressure to 72.5 psi / 5 bar for Tubeless Straight Sidewall (TSS) aka ‘Hookless’ type rims.

Eagle F1 R Tube Type

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