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This is MAGURA’s top model for more demanding e-bike use. With its powerful 4-pistons calipers, the MT5 eSTOP offers safe performance at high speeds, even on heavy e-bikes. The eSTOP system is based on the MAGURA MT features. Due to the combination with SPORT brake pads and the MDR-C or MDR-P rotors it even offers higher braking forces and stability.

  • suitable for cargobikes
  • suitable for mounting left or right
Model year: 2020

Tubing length: 2,200 mm

Weight: 255 g
Material housing: Carbotecture®
Lever blade: 2-finger aluminium light weight lever blade
Reach Adjust: T25 tool
Color: master black / caliper black
Accent color: silver
Recommended rotor: Storm HC / MDR-C + CL 180 mm / 203 mm; MDR-P 203 mm / 220 mm
Scope of delivery: 1 single brake incl. manual and accessory bag


MAGURA offers a five-year leak proof guarantee for all MAGURA brake masters and brake calipers / cylinders, provided they are exclusively equipped with original MAGURA Spare Parts.

Product Technical Details

Application eMTB
Cargo Bike
E-Cargo Bike
Brake type Disc brakes
Lever blade type 2-finger lever blade
Tubing connection brakecaliper Rotatable tube connection
Brake pad 8.S
Material of lever blade Aluminium
PU 1
Material Master Carbotecture®
Reach Adjust T25 tool
Gearshift compatibility Shimano I-Spec I+II
SRAM Matchmaker®
Shimano I-Spec EV
Flip Flop Yes
Tubing length 2,200 mm
Model year 2020
Pistons brake caliper 4 pistons
Weight 255 g
Color Black

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