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Cycloc Solo

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Product Details

Horizontal or vertical cycle display

Elegant and effortless cycle storage, ideal for home, office and retail display applications. Store bikes horizontally or vertically, accessories in the centre, facility to lock bike in place. Rubber contact points protect frame, optional spacer included to accommodate wide bars. Secure three point wall fixing, insert panel hides fixings, rotate to suit frame angles. Stunningly simple!

The Solo wall-mounted storage solution allows you to store your bike inside fast and fuss-free, horizontally or vertically. The Solo provides an elegant and effortless cycle storage solution for your home, office or retail display.

  • Space to store your cycling accessories
  • Locking facility for added peace of mind
  • Spacer accommodates wide bars
  • Rubber contact pads to protect your frame
  • Store your bike in various positions

Product Technical Details

Cycloc Solo

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