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The SL Dual is a high Performance tape, designed for competition and weighs only 28gr per tape.


The Dazzle tape represents the perfect combination of performance and safety thanks to the special 3M reflective layer.


The new eco-friendly Attitude bar tape is the perfect balance between performance and comfort. Give your bike some attitude!


Sio Dura stands for ”Silicone Durable”. It provides superior durability and is ideal for gravel bikes. Improved tape length of 200 cm and water resistant features.


KD Sport

7 ergonomic edges and a round side for a more comfortable hand grip position (Suitable for cross country, trail races and long distance rides)

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KD Comfort

4 ergonomic edges and a round side for comfortable hand grip (Suitable for trekking, city commuting and long distance rides)

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Ideal for all types of bikes (e.g. small wheel, folding bike, BMX, MTB, fixie) and riding style

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Guee Bar Tape - Dazzle

The Dazzle tape represents the perfect combination of performance and safety. Dazzle is the perfect answer when you are cycling very early in the morning or a bit too late in the evening. Dazzle has specific light reflective features thanks to the upgraded construction which integrates a reflective middle layer. This important layer is produced by the 3M Company, and it offers visibility when it is illuminated by lights. The 3 layer construction offers improved features of lightness, superior hand grip, and extra drying properties.

Buy This Bar Tape At Competitive Trade Prices, Become A Dealer.


GUEE Accessories offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality products designed to enhance your cycling experience. From versatile bar pads to practical bells and end caps, GUEE has you covered. In addition to functionality, GUEE places great emphasis on aesthetics and user-friendly designs. Their accessories are sleek, lightweight, and engineered with attention to detail, seamlessly integrating with your bike and enhancing its overall appearance.

The How To Guide

HOW TO INSTALL SL Bar pad & SL Dual Bar tape installation

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