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Product Details

  • Advanced bar tape engineered with 3M reflective film
  • Multi-layers structure with staggered texture
  • High brightness middle layer improving visibility under traffic lights
  • The external knitting top layer provides extra durability and superior feeling comfort, it protects the reflective middle layer during utilization
  • Anti-slip during wet and humid weather conditions
  • Suitable for all handlebar shapes: round, integrated, flat and aerobars
  • Patented product

Product Technical Details

The Dazzle tape represents the perfect combination of performance and safety. Dazzle is the perfect answer when you are cycling very early in the morning or a bit too late in the evening. Dazzle has specific light reflective features thanks to the upgraded construction which integrates a reflective middle layer. This important layer is produced by the 3M Company, and it offers visibility when it is illuminated by lights. The 3 layer construction offers improved features of lightness, superior hand grip, and extra drying properties.

  • Reflective and safety properties
  • Extra drying action, anti-slip tape
  • Super light weight, only 80g pair
  • Improved GUEE end-plug with matchable and protecting color cap


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