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An unequivocal champion in seat post design, Ritchey seat posts are deceptively simple and packed with benefits. The Link system has subtle compliance built into it to offset road harshness as much as 12% more than a standard seat post. The 1-Bolt system offers a simple approach with an elegantly designed side load saddle clamp. Ritchey posts benefit from the “less-is-more” philosophy in providing some of the best, lightest, race-ready gear.

Ritchey WCS (World Championship Series) line is the gold standard for lightweight, bombproof race parts. The rainbow stripe WCS logo represents the numerous world champions that have won on Ritchey.

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Ritchey Comp level components are designed to bring competition-worthy components, with the kind of performance and reliability you expect from Ritchey, down to a price that everyone can handle.

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Ritchey OEM products are designed for cyclists looking for components to upgrade their current ride or to complete their next build – without compromising on the quality for which Ritchey products are known.

Ritchey Classic Seat Post: where timeless design meets modern performance. They are crafted with the dedication to excellence that defines Ritchey.

Ritchey Seat Post Accessories: precision-engineered components designed to elevate your riding experience with unbeatable performance

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