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Ritchey Seatpost CLASSIC 2-Bolt Hp Silver 25mm Offset

Product Details

The proven 2-bolt design on this classic provides a class-leading balance between strength, weight and adjustability. The two-bolt design is easy to adjust and holds tight. Its low profile clamp reduces stress on lightweight rails and won’t bottom out, and the bolts are oriented to the axis of the rails for greatest contact area with the saddle. The Classic also features Ritchey’s ‘Classic’ high-polish silver finish.

Product Technical Details

  • Material: 2014 alloy
  • Diameter: 27.2, 30.9, 31.6mm
  • Total length: 350, 400mm (including 100mm of minimum insert)
  • Offset: 25mm
  • Saddle clamp: standard
  • Saddle clamp: torque13Nm (max)
  • Seat collar torque: not specified – follow frame/seat binder specification
  • Weight: 260g (27.2x350mm)
  • Colour: high-polish silver

Ritchey Seatpost CLASSIC 2-Bolt Hp Silver 25mm Offset

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