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Vector 4Seasons Tubeless Complete

Product Details

Multi-condition durability with enhanced puncture protection makes the High-Performance Vector Sport a dependable choice for endurance road applications. The Vector Sport is the ideal choice for riders looking to go Multi-condition durability with enhanced puncture protection .

Who rides this tyre:

As a serious competitor the Vector 4Seasons gives you the freedom to perform anywhere.

Where does this tyre perform best:

With its reinforced sidewall and anti-puncture belt, the Vector 4Seasons is at home on any road you ride, at any time.

Product Technical Details


Riding in less-than-ideal conditions should not require a complete sacrifice in tyre performance. The Vector 4Seasons brings ultra-high performance to your daily ride, with low rolling resistance and added protection to keep you moving forward across a wide range of conditions.

Construction: Tubeless Complete

Goodyear Bicycle Tyres’ proprietary design features all the benefits of a Tubeless Ready (TLR) tyre with additional air retention properties.

A Multi-compound material layer is added to our high-pressure Road-UHP tyre casing allowing for improved air retention while providing additional puncture and cut protection with minimal weight increase. Our unique design means more sealant remains after installation, ready for the moment you need it.

Protection: Armor Protection

Combining excellent anti-cut properties with minimal impact on casing suppleness and weight. Armor Protection enhances the Vector 4Seasons UHP road tyre’s capabilities.

Compound: Dynamic: Silica4

The Vector 4Seasons brings Goodyear Ultra High-Performance to a broader range of conditions with a reinforced casing, wider tread cap and dedicated Dynamic: Silica4 compounding to minimise rolling resistance while enhancing wet grip.

Wet Grip | +8.7

Abrasion Resistance | +6.3%

Compound Puncture Resistance | +1.1%

% vs. standard compound Graphene up to 1 PHR

Size and Specifications
Type Compound Technology Colour ETRTO Size Weight
Tubeless Complete™ Dynamic: Silica4 R:Shield & R:Armor 1/2 Ply TC Liner 120tpi Blk 25-622 700x25c 330g
Tubeless Complete™ Dynamic: Silica4 R:Shield & R:Armor 1/2 Ply TC Liner 120tpi Blk 28-622 700x28c 360g
Tubeless Complete™ Dynamic: Silica4 R:Shield & R:Armor 1/2 Ply TC Liner 120tpi Blk 30-622 700x30c 380g

ROAD – Tubeless Crotchet (TC)or Tubeless Straight Sidewall (TSS) Rim Inner Width Measurement – Millimeters

Tube Type Clincher Tyre Size 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
25-622 | 700×25 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🔵 🟡 🟡 🟡
28-622 | 700×28 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🔵 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡
30-622 | 700×30 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡 🔵 🟡 🟡 🟡 🟡

Allowable Inner Rim Width 🟡

Optimal Inner Rim Width 🔵

All published weights are ±7% Specifications subject to change without notice.
ETRTO guidelines limit maximum tyre pressure to 72.5 psi / 5 bar for Tubeless Straight Sidewall (TSS) aka ‘Hookless’ type rims.

Vector 4Seasons Tubeless Complete

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