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Magura MT TRAIL Sport 1-finger HC Aluminium lever blade (PU - set)

Product Details


It has almost as much bite as its big brother and is just as light and sensitive. The MAGURA entry into the 4/2 brake piston concept, with safe power for trail use.

  • 100% Trail Performance – The MT Trail Sport has the braking power of the MT5 and the modulation of the MT8 – and all this at 242 g (average weight).
  • Ergonomics performance: The new 1-finger HC aluminium lever blade has been ergonomically optimized and is now also suitable for riders with somewhat smaller hands.
    Thanks to its modified geometry, it can be ridden closer to the handlebars, resulting in increased control and more comfort on long descents.
  • Specially reliable – its increased piston retraction makes the MT Trail Sport particularly dependable in continuous use. Mounting is also fast and the MT Trail Sport is friction-free.
Model year: 2017
Tubing length: 2,000 mm (rear) / 1,000 mm (front)
Weight: 255 g (front) / 230 g (rear)
Material housing: Carbotecture
Reach Adjust: 3 mm allen key
Color: master black / caliper black
Accent color: silver
Recommended rotor: Storm HC + CL / MDR-C + CL 160 / 180 / 203 mm; MDR-P 180 / 203 / 220 mm
Scope of delivery: 1 Set consisting of 1 brake for front wheel (4 piston) and 1 brake for rear wheel (2 piston), incl. accessories


MAGURA offers a five-year leak proof guarantee for all MAGURA brake masters and brake calipers / cylinders, provided they are exclusively equipped with original MAGURA Spare Parts.

Product Technical Details

Mounting type Postmount
Application Trail
All Mountain
Mounting position Front wheel
Rear wheel
Brake type Disc brakes
Lever blade type 1-finger HC lever blade
Tubing connection brakecaliper Rotatable tube connection
Brake pad 7.P
Material of lever blade Aluminium
PU Set
Ratio Adjust No
Material Master Carbotecture®
Reach Adjust 3 mm allen key
Gearshift compatibility Shimano I-Spec I+II
SRAM Matchmaker®
Flip Flop Yes
Tubing length 1,000 mm
2,000 mm
Model year 2017
Pistons brake caliper 4 pistons
2 pistons
Weight 230 g
250 g
Color Black

Magura MT TRAIL Sport 1-finger HC Aluminium lever blade (PU - set)

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