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VALVE: We Recommend using the Panzer tubeless valve with your system for sealant filling and air inflation

SEALANT: The use of Panzer specific sealant is required for optimised performance and durability of your tubeless system

WEIGHT: ±140gr.





Scope of Delivery : 1piece – Includes 125ml Panzer Tubeless Fluid

Product Technical Details

NEW PANZER Anti-puncture Mousse for E-bike 29” + PLUS for rims from 30mm to 35mm wide. Includes 125ml bottle. of PANZER Tubeless Fluid.

The GEN3C compound has increased the progressive shock absorption of the wheel to reduce vibrations and increase riding comfort.The new shapes allow the tire to deform naturally without affecting how the tread touches the ground, thus achieving considerable improvements in fundamental aspects such as grip, traction, and braking.S-SKIN:
Our new low-friction S-SKIN texture greatly reduces the coagulation of tubeless fluid that occurs on the outer surface of the insert during normal use.
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The diamond shape called 5 POINT SUPPORT SYSTEM, allows to act as reinforcement, only in critical areas prone to punctures by blows.
It also allows free circulation of air and sealing fluid, and does not interfere with correct reaction of the tire.


  • Protects wheel rims from dings, while riding with low pressure or a flat tyre.
  • Allows you to keep on riding the trail, circuit or stage until finished.
  • Allows you to drop down your tyre pressure, improving grip and control.
  • It doesn’t affect the way the tyre behaves or the desired air pressure either.
  • It doesn’t need tools or technical knowledge and can be installed with a standard valve.
  • Suitable for Downhill, Enduro, XC, Racing or day to day riding.
  • For further details about use and installation visit

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Scope of Delivery : 1piece – Includes 125ml Panzer Tubeless Fluid

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