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Pillar Butted Aero J-Bend (Black)

Pillar Butted Aero J-Bend (Black)

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Product Details

Material : T302+
Thread : Rolled (BC 56, DIN 79012) PA1423 FG 2.3
Advantage : Pillar patented cold forge technology. Perfect Aero shape, high elasticity and low drag coefficient
Application : Race / MTB

Product Technical Details

Model T (mm) ØD1 (mm) W (mm) ØD2 (mm) α H (mm) L (mm) Weight (260mm)
PA 1420 9 2 2 0.95 95° 6.2 290-306 4.3g

1420 1420 2

Pillar Butted Aero J-Bend (Black)

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