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Taking the (gravel) road less travelled where the adventure is the journey and not the destination.

Embark on the (gravel) road less travelled, where the adventure lies in the journey rather than the destination. From enduring long-haul grinds to navigating drop bar single-track trails, Goodyear’s All-Terrain gravel tyres are meticulously crafted to empower you on your off-road endeavours.

With a diverse selection of treads and sizes, our expanded range provides you with the flexibility to tailor your ride, achieving the optimal blend of speed, stability, and dependability. Conquer the unpaved path ahead with Goodyear gravel tyres as your trusted companion.

Comprised of multiple treads and sizes, the newly expanded range offers you options to dial in the ride and find that perfect mix of speed, control, and reliability‏‏‎.‏‏‎


High-Performance low-rolling resistance all-terrain gravel tyre.


Exceptionally versatile gravel tire from backroads to single-track.


Bred from the DNA of our Peak mountain tire, the peak has jump the species barrier across to the world of gravel riding.

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