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Ritchey Seatpost COMP V2 Alloy 25mm Offset

Product Details

Proven 2-bolt design provides a class-leading balance between strength, weight and easy adjustability. Low-profile clamp reduces stress on lightweight rails and won’t bottom out.

Product Technical Details

  • Material: 6061 alloy
  • Diameter: 26.8, 27.0, 27.2, 30.9, 31.4, 31.6mm
  • Total length: 300, 350, 400mm (including 100mm of minimum insert)
  • Offset: 25mm
  • Saddle clamp: standard
  • Saddle clamp torque: 13Nm (max)
  • Seat collar torque: not specified – follow frame/seat binder specification
  • Weight: 260g (27.2x350mm)
  • Colour: BB black

Ritchey Seatpost COMP V2 Alloy 25mm Offset

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